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  • No matter what your destination, you must bring an official photo ID to the ticket counter. If you are leaving the the country, you must have proof of U.S. citizenship. Non U.S. citizens, persons traveling with their own children, or children other than your own, may need special documentation. Depending on the destination, passports and visas may be mandatory. 

  • Never pack important medication or anything valuable in your check-in luggage. Stolen or lost luggage can put a major damper on your vacation.

  • Some Visa and Master card credit cards have begun to tack on surcharges of 2% or more for purchases made on foreign soil.

  • Problems with your flight? Please notify your travel agent, in writing, if you experience any flight delays during your trip. In some cases you may be due compensation. Please note date of delay, airline, destination and flight number(s). Also, let the agent know if you were informed of the delay and reason for the delay in a timely manner. If any flight crew member was abusive or surly, or acted in an unprofessional manner, please notify your travel agent, in writing. Be sure to note the name of the employee you are dealing with.

  • If you are using a cab from the airport in Las Vegas be careful of cabs that take you through "the tunnel" to your hotel. They could be increasing your bill by going the long way. 

  • Anywhere you may travel in a non-metered cab and are returning to your hotel, remember, do not surmise the cab fare is the same coming back as it was going. Ask how much before you get into the cab! Be wary of going anywhere a cab driver suggests, their main interest is the "kick back" they get or the fare they charge.

  • Especially in a foreign country, be extremely careful when ordering off a menu with no prices listed. There have been cases where customers have been surprised with a bill of several hundred dollars for ordinary meals which, when the bill is presented, are called "gourmet." Never take food or drink offered to you by a stranger; it may be drugged. Make copies of your passport and travelers checks and keep in a separate area from the originals in case your passport is lost. Also, a note in your passport listing your hotels and arrival dates may help return your lost passport quicker.

  • Be careful of any peddler who shoves his wares in your face or at your chest, these moves are prime "set up actions" by pick pockets (to mask their moves or the moves of their aides into your pockets!). Use caution if someone drops change, merchandise, etc., in front of you. Don't help to pick it up! Stay Alert!

  • There are all kinds of travel insurance policies available at varied prices. Many customers have had to cancel or interrupt their vacation because they, a travel companion or a loved one at home became sick, injured, or passed away. Travelers are injured swimming, diving, snorkeling, boating, sailing, driving a car, bike or moped, falling down, insect or reptile bites, ingesting contaminated food or drink. Medical air lifts (helicopters, etc.) can be very expensive: so can last minute flights from any city or port. Foreign Doctors/Hospitals demand cash for care. Pre-existing illness can turn severe. A supplier, or airline can go bankrupt. Can nothing happen to you?

  • Budget Rent-a-Car is the first car rental company to institute a bidding auction for car rentals. They may or may not accept lowest bid. Try www.drivebudget.com.

  • Travel Health: for personalized health advice for international travelers on medications, immunizations and precautions, (some Immunizations are mandatory for foreign travel), see your Doctor or call The Travel Medicine Source, Donna Rathunde C.M.A. member of the International Assoc. of Medical Assistance to Travelers 847-663-1566 (Morton Grove, Il.) or visit their website www.travelmedicinesource.com.

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